Photo of Babyn Yar by Military Photographer Johannes Hähle in early October 1941 right after the main massacre.
Archives of the Hamburg Institute for Social Research

Background The Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Center (BYHMC) is a nonprofit educational institution that documents and commemorates the Holocaust, in particular the Babyn Yar mass shootings.

MissionBYHMC tasks are to:
− pay tribute to all the victims and to tell the story of their lives;
− explain the relationship between Jews and non-Jews in Kyiv and Ukraine;
− become a research center specialized in the Holocaust crimes in the regions of the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.
− show the danger of totalitarian, extremist nationalist and racist ideologies, and especially to show how it all began. And in contrast, to celebrate cultural, ethnic, religious and social differences; to show the value of heritage and memory in building a democratic Ukraine and peaceful future;
− engage Ukrainian and international visitors into the discourse about the past and the future of the global society; to let people feel involved and to let them discover their responsibility about how we treat the past and what kind of lessons we learn.
VisionBYHMC’s ambition is primarily to build a center of documentation, commemoration and education on the tragic events of September 1941. It also contributes to the vision of democratic and resilient society on the foundation of an elaborated and common picture of history.
Further informationFor further information, you can visit the official website of BYHMC: