ObjectiveAim of the Jabal Khandama Development Project is to develop an area of about 60 ha in central Makkah. At this location, close to the Holy Mosque, a high density urban quarter shall be realized until 2013.
Basis for the master plan is the winning design scheme of the French architecture and urban design firm Ateliers Lion that emerged from the international architecture and urban design competition, completed in late 2006.
For a detailed project description please see 'information' and 'project brief'.
The present stateAs of December 2007, the project is being prepared for the development of the master plan, which is to be derived from the winning urban design scheme.
Services of [phase eins]. Project Management
[phase eins]. has successfully managed and organized the above mantioned competition and is subsequently in charge of carrying out the management of the further design process. Please see the sub-pages below for more information about the competition and the ensuing master plan development.
Urban design and architecture competition
Competition management and organization. Click to enter the competition web page.
Design management
Organization and support of master plan development process and the upcoming design process. Click to enter the design management web page.
ClientJabal Khandama Development Company
Makkah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
represented through Sheikh Abdul Rahman Abdul Qader Fakieh