Competition site

The competition site (“Study Area”) is approximately 60 hectares (150 acres) in size, and is situated in the northeastern tip of the Salmiya Peninsula, bordered by the Arabian Gulf Street and Al Belajat Street. The “Study Area” also includes the two “Project Areas”:

Project Area A: The project site for a new KFAS headquarters building. This site measures approximately 9,000 sqm. This plot is bordered by the waterfront park on the north, the residential complex Pearl Marzouq in the west and the Persian Gulf in the east.

Project Area B: The project site for a new KFAS convention center. The site for the convention center measures approximately 5,600 sqm. This plot is bordered by the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) on the south, the Kuwait Public authority for Agriculture Affairs (PAAF), Environment Public Authority Marine Lab (EPA) in the north and the Persian Gulf in the east.
TaskKFAS was arranging an international competition for the design of its new Headquarters and Convention Center. Each building should have an approximate net utilization area of 11,000 sqm.

The competition was not limited to the design of the Headquarters and Convention Center buildings, the scope should rather include the development of the entire area into a science-oriented district integrating adjacent science and technology functions that are currently in the area. The master plan for the area should establish strong spatial connections between the new buildings and open spaces ("Interconnecting Zone").

This competition and the realized projects are expected to become a future model for developments in the Gulf region. An awareness of the cultural and social context of the Gulf, and of Kuwait, through previous works was highly valued.

KFAS expected that the submitted designs are forward-looking, innovative and cost-efficient, with inclusion and high regard for sustainability targets in the design and construction of the site. The new buildings should offer a flexible and modern working environment for the commissioned staff.

The competition invited professional teams from all over the world to apply for the challenge of designing the new KFAS Headquarters and Convention Center. Through the launch of its very first international competition, KFAS envisioned to generate science and technology-based designs for its building, as well as develop the area into a national science and technology zone.

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