The present stateOn Saturday, September 31, and Sunday, October 1, 2006, the Jury met in Jeddah to decide on Stage 2 of the competition. One first prize, one second prize and two honourable mentions were awarded in the final jury meeting.

Apart from all the jurors, the parties involved in this decision were also Sheikh Abdul Rahman Abdul Qader Fakieh, staff members of Jabal Khandama Development Co. and representatives of the High Commission of the Development of Makkah Al-Mukaramah.
Promoter of the competitionJabal Khandama Development Co.
Makkah Al-Mukkarramah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
represented through Sheikh Abdul Rahman Abdul Qader Fakieh
SiteThe expansion area is located east of the center of the city of Makkah. You will find a plan of site and some photographs of the area at 'information'.
Project contentThe competition concerns the area Jabal Khandama, a part of the City of Makkah Al-Mukkarramah and intends to create on a site of approx. 60 ha over 2,000,000 sqm of built-up area in total.
ProcedureThe competition is organised as a limited, international, two-stages project competition with ten invited participants. The competition is governed by competition rules based upon the general principles as laid down in the UNESCO Standard Regulations for International Competitions in Architecture and Town Planning. The competition language is English.
JuryThe jury will be composed of qualified, experienced and consentable international renown architects and urban planners.

Architectural jurors:
Prof. Dr. Abdulrhaman Alangari, Ryiad / Saudi Arabia
Nezar AlSayyad, Berkeley / United States
Prof. Dr. Max B├Ącher, Darmstadt / Germany
PhD Mohammad Saeed Farisi, Jeddah / Saudi Arabia
Prof. Dr. Gulzar Haider, Lahore / Pakistan
Dr. Kayvan Karimi, London / United Kingdom
Rodolfo Machado, Boston / United States

Alternate jurors:
Prof. Heinz Nagler, Cottbus / Germany
Dr. Mahmud Rasch, Stuttgart / Germany
Prizes and feesEach participant having submitted a detailed design concept conforming to the requirements laid down in the competition brief will receive a flat-rate fee of USD 30,000 after the first stage, and USD 70,000 after the second stage as well as a cost reimbursement for model making (USD 60,000). In addition to this remuneration, prizes will be awarded.
Further commissioningThe Jury will submit a recommendation for further commissioning pertaining to the competition. Acknowledging the jury's recommendations, the promoter intends to entrust one or several of the prizewinners with the commission for the detailed elaboration of the urban masterplan and with the services for at least one building complex from preliminary design to the final design.
Jury colloquiumMay 16 and 17, 2006
Begin download of materials stage 1May 25, 2006
Shipment of materials stage 1May 26, 2006
Online forumMay 25 to June 7, 2006
Participants colloquiumMay 31, 2006
Submission stage 1June 29 / July 6, 2006
Jury meeting stage 1July 8/9, 2006
Shipment of materials stage 2July 11, 2006
Submission of entries stage 2August 31, 2006
Submission of models stage 2September 21, 2006
Jury meeting stage 2September 30, and October 1, 2006
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