Result The jury met on March 18, 2011 in Fez, Morocco. Subsequent to a thorough discussion of the 8 entries submitted by the competitors to the competition’s phase 2, it was decided to award the prizes listed below. The jury unanimously recommended the promoter of the competition to commission the team of authors of the project that was awarded the first prize with the services as stated in the competition brief.
1st prize 
FEZ_5008_1_T.jpg1st prize
mossessian & partners, London/United Kingdom in collaboration with Yassir Khalil Studio
Casablanca, Morocco
Other prizes 
 Order by: Result  |  Name  |  City
FEZ_5003_1_T.jpg2nd prize
Studio Ferretti-Marcelloni, Rome/Italy in collaboration with Bahia Nouh
Fez, Morocco
FEZ_5001_1_T.jpg3rd prize
Moxon Architects, London/United Kingdom in collaboration with Aime Kakon
Casablanca, Morocco